IGSN Technical Documentation of the International Geo Sample Number

2012-03-16 Telecon

IGSN e.V. Quarterly Telecon March, 16, 2012

10:00am EDT, GoToMeeting

Present:Anders Noren, Carsten Schirnick, Cathy Constable, Daniella Morgos, Jens Klump, Kerstin Lehnert, Michael Piasecki., Sky Bristol, Walt Snyder, Leslie Hsu.

Note: Lesley Wyborn attempted to sign in but it seemed not possible to use the GoToMeeting platform from a blackberry.


  • Status of IGSN e.V.
    • Info: Signatures
    • Info: Registration of IGSN e.V.
    • Action: Improvements to web site: provide ideas
    • Action: Agree on Logo
  • IGSN e.V. outreach events
    • Info: EGU 2012
      • SP1.20, April 22, 2012, 19-20h
    • Info: IGC 2012
    • Action: Decide on activities at AGU 2012
    • Action: identify others outreach opportunities
  • Membership
    • Action: Define & approve procedure & schedule of new member approval
    • Action: Address issues of national agencies: Contracts with members rather than membership?
    • Action: Identify potential affiliate members that will help promote the IGSN
  • Architecture
    • Action: Establish process to develop technical and procedural components of the IGSN architecture components that will be recommended to the assembly for approval
      • Top-level registry metadata: Changes to the proposed schema from the 2011 workshop: http://dokuwiki.gfz-potsdam.de/datawiki/doku.php?id=igsn:earth_science_metadata -IGSN syntax & Name spaces: How many name spaces will each registration agent receive? How flexible will the IGSN syntax be?
  • Action: Set date for next telecon


To 1.: Status of IGSN e.V. (report by Kerstin Lehnert)

  • We are in the process of collecting one more signature from the University of Minnesota, and then the e.V. can be registered in Germany, and accounts for the e.V. will be set up.
  • The website, [http://www.igsn.org] , was presented and KL asked for feedback on what further content should be placed on it.
  • The logo for the IGSN e.V. was discussed. The old logo of the IGSN will be sent around. We will try to integrate the creation of the logo with efforts to have arts classes design a brochure for the IGSN e.V. (see below).

To 2.: Outreach activities: - EGU Splinter meeting: announcement should go to various mailing lists: paloemag, volcano, EarthRef, CZEN, Marine Curators. - IGC 2012: Kerstin Lehnert and Lesley Wyborn will need to decide if a Town hall meeting or workshop is feasible. - AGU 2012: Session proposal deadline is April 20, 2012. Idea to propose a session for AGU for the general topic of unique identification and registration of resources. Discussion if IGSN e.V. should have a booth for outreach at AGU FM, but due to the cost (monetary and human time) due to the costs and effort to man the booth it might not be worth it, though a good way to reach individuals. Michael Piasecki emphasizes the relevance of advertising the IGSN to individuals. Perhaps we can achieve this by making sample registration an issue of NSF data compliance/data management plans. - Other outreach activities: - Michael Piasecki suggested to hold a webinar or similar presentation to EPA and USGS, Rick Hooper from CUAHSI may know contacts - Kerstin Lehnert suggested to try to reach out to NASA via ESIP. - Anders Noren suggested to generate an official one-two paragraph long statement about IGSN e.V. that can be copied and pasted to various list-servs and communities, as well as to generate a brochure. The brochure should be generated in next 2 months, send out for comments. It was suggested that the brochure and logo could be made part of a class project. Sky might be able to get people from his team at USGS or from the Art Institute in Denver.

To 3.: Membership - Sky Bristol gave an update on the membership process for the USGS, which is still stalled due to legal issues regarding transfer of funds from USGS to a German legal entity. - In order to solve problem of national agencies to join the IGSN e.V. as members, the Executive Board suggested that agencies might find it easier to participate via cooperative agreements or contracts with academic or other members. Representatives of government agencies (USGS, GA, BGR) should provide feedback if this would work for them. - Kerstin Lehnert asked for feedback about the new ‘Membership’ page on the web site after the call. - A process and schedule still needs to be established for handling and approving membership applications, but there is no urgency at the moment as no applications for membership have been received since the founding event. - Discussion of possible affiliate members that could be pursued to help promote the IGSN: - Elsevier is interested in linking fro online journals to SESAR via IGSNs in articles. Kerstin should invite Elsevier to attend the EGU splinter meeting. - Open Geospatial Consortium - Cathy Constable proposes inviting AGU as an affiliate member and then discussing with their editorial board. Cathy will find out since she serves on their publications committee. - Walter will look into the same at GSA.

To 4.: Architecture - Jens Klump presented a proposed change to the top-level registry metadata (see http://dokuwiki.gfz-potsdam.de/datawiki/doku.php?id=igsn:earth_science_metadata]. Members of the IGSNeV mailing list should review the metadata record after the call and provide comments within the next 2 weeks. - Changes to the top level metadata: Fields that are no longer there: - timestamp (what is the purpose of it? if one can be defined, it can go back in.) - status (it is unclear what that means) - resource URI (The resource URI is part of the handle. If the URL is transmitted in the registration process to the top-level registry, there is a potential for a mismatch in the handle record and the metadata.) - The development of the top level registry at GFZ is nearly complete, just waiting for the metadata profile to be finalized. - Question: Is the IGSN always public? Jens: not necessarily, it does not need to be accessible. - Kerstin explained that SESAR samples can be private, the IGSN is registered but the metadata are not public. - Cathy: it is a good idea to have the private option if it is likely that the metadata will be updated within a short period after registration. - Kerstin mentioned other reasons to keep metadata private (location of a valuable outcrop, etc.) - These considerations may lie with the allocation agent though, and they don’t push metadata to the top level registry yet if not ready. - Answer: the top level registry just registers what they get, because they refer back to the allocating agent - Cathy suggests there is a two week comment period on the metadata profile, the comments should be written, a sub-group should look at the comments. Two subgroups were formed: - Metadata Subgroup: Sky Bristol, Anthony Koppers (suggested by Cathy), Jens Klump, Steve Richards (suggested by Sky) - Namespace Sugroup (to develop recommendations for distribution and management of name spaces by Allocating Agents): Anders Noren, Cathy Constable, Ronald Conze (suggested by Kerstin Lehnert), Kerstin Lehnert, Jens Klump

  • Date for the next telecon: May 31st, 10am EDT


  • Kerstin will send the old IGSN logo around for information.
  • Kerstin will solicit conveners for the AGU session on unique identification and registration of resources.
  • Everyone: identify more places to send EGU announcement and send ideas to Leslie Hsu.
    • Kerstin will draft a paragraph to advertise EGU splinter group for sending around to mailing list and send to everyone.
  • Brochure
    • Make progress before the next call.
    • Kerstin will work with Sky on finding an art class.
  • Cathy will look into inviting AGU as an affiliate member (for publication/editorial process).
  • Walt will look in to inviting GSA as affiliate member (for publication/editorial process).
  • Everyone: Look at the metadata profile and comment back by March 31, 2012, on the igsn-members list.
  • Kerstin will ask Steve Richard and Anthony Koppers if they are willing to participate in the metadata subgroup as suggested.
  • Jens will ask Ronald Konze if he is interested in being in the Namespace subgroup.
  • Leslie will create a category on the wiki for the minutes.
  • Leslie will write an email to the member mailing list that the minutes have been posted.
    • Include reminder to comment in next 2 weeks on the new top level metadata profile
    • Include a request to the group to let Kerstin know if you want to join one of the subgroups (Metadata or Namespace)

This is the current members email list: igsn-members@gfz-potsdam.de

  • Ulrich Harms
  • Stephen Miller
  • Kerstin Lehnert
  • Dirk Fleischer
  • Walter Snyder
  • Mike Piasecki
  • Nick Arndt
  • Simon Cox
  • Jens Klump
  • Catherine Constable
  • Anthony Koppers
  • Lee Allison
  • Anders Noren
  • Sky Bristol
  • Linda C Gundersen
  • Lesley Wyborn
  • Leslie Hsu
  • Daniella Morgos

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