IGSN Technical Documentation of the International Geo Sample Number

2012-06-07 Quarterly Telecon

IGSN e.V. Quarterly Telecon June, 7, 2012

10:00am EDT, GoToMeeting

Present: Anders Noren, Anthony Koppers, Cathy Constable, Jens Klump, Kerstin Lehnert, Leslie Hsu, Lee Allison, Michael Piasecki, Dirk Fleischer


  • Brief update/review of activities since last call
    • Action Item List : http://dokuwiki.gfz-potsdam.de/datawiki/doku.php?id=igsn%3A16_march_2012_friday_quarterly_telecon#actions
    • EGU
    • logo/brochure, [[igsn:logos]]
    • subgroups
    • Simon Cox: we have revived the approval process in CSIRO and expect to be able to proceed to join IGSN-IO soon. However, because of internal process deadlines we might not quite make it for the IGC meeting in Brisbane.
  • Finalisation of the IGSN xml schema.
  • Example implementation of 9-character IGSN at the German Core Repository for ICDP.
  • Set date for next quarter’s call


  • EGU report
    • Splinter meeting went well, all seemed on track, there is definitely need for the IGSN
    • Question: any new interest at EGU for new members?
      • A: Probably Woods Hole and RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic). Lamont will set up registration effort for CZO (Critical Zone Observatories), there is also interest from Global River Observatories Effort
  • Next Activities
    • Presentation at IGC Brisbane
    • Lesley set up a workshop at IGC
    • EarthChem workshop at Goldschmidt will present on the IGSN
    • AGU session on unique identifiers
      • should start thinking about invited presentations
    • Workshop for continental scientific drilling and other core-based research (Anders)
  • Logo
    • Reviewed the logo ([[igsn:logos]]), decided to use the top white logo but remove the e.V. since it only is meaningful to German-speakers
  • Jens gave a presentation on the schema
    • http://trac.gfz-potsdam.de/igsn/wiki/WikiStart
    • Comment on schema by email to Jens
    • Dirk commented on the Name identification and suggested the International Author Library Identifier (?)
  • Example implementation of 9-character IGSN at the German Core Repository for ICDP.
    • Discussion: Generating the IGSN number is separate from parent-child considerations
    • Question: How do we govern who can have the 2 digit namespace? Decided by e.V. rather than allocating agent? Answer: To govern it, we need a registry of namespaces, any root namespace needs to be applied for and registered.
    • Discussion of pros/cons of having info encoded into the IGSN
    • Discussion: one way to balance encoded information is to assign IGSNs only to the parents (cores), then append information to that IGSN for child samples (not official IGSN designations) (OSU)


  • Need to reach out to non- English or German speaking countries, e.g. JAMSTEC
  • Modify the logo then upload (Leslie)
  • Comment on the schema by June 15, best way is by email (to Jens or to members@igsn.org)
  • Post link to today’s presentations on this wiki (Leslie)
  • Set up Doodle for the next call For the week of July 9-13 (Leslie): http://www.doodle.com/unx6d6qwwp3fmqrx
  • Keep working on brochure and have a version by next call (Leslie)
  • Update the broken link on http://trac.gfz-potsdam.de/igsn/wiki/WikiStart (Jens)
  • Send any ideas for the igsn.org website to Leslie and Kerstin
  • Start thinking about invited presentations to the AGU session on unique identifiers

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