IGSN Technical Documentation of the International Geo Sample Number

2012-07-11 Telecon

IGSN e.V. Telecon July, 11, 2012

10:00am EDT, GoToMeeting


  • status of registration of IGSN eV
    • registration is in progress, the papers are at the court.
  • IGSN syntax
    • recent emails summary: IGSN syntax is still open. It looks to me like we need a hybrid system of 9-character (non-mnemonic) and longer (mnemonic) names.
    • Elsevier linking proposal - we need to confirm: Elsevier can resolve the following syntax ‘IGSN: (space) number’. Even if authors don’t put in the space, Elsevier should be able to pick up this variation
  • Registration agents & their relation to the SESAR metadata clearinghouse
  • Metadata schemas? (what has happened in the working group?)
    • IGSN metadata schema ready to be finalised
    • IGSN registration web service ready once the schema is finalised.
    • SESAR metadata schema is final (?)
  • Upcoming IGC workshop and how to deal with potential membership applications
  • AGU Session on Unique Identifiers - who to invite?
  • Any more comments on content (yes, still working on design aspect), send to lhsu@ldeo.columbia.edu
    • Instead of ““IGSN e.V. is not a standard metadata scheme.””, IGSN defines a minimal schema to register the sample, but not a complete schemato describe the sample. Also, see wiki updates.
  • New membership applications:
    • any potential new members at IGC wil just make it to go through the formal processes before the AGU Fall Meeting. This means, we could discuss new applications at the AGM in San Francisco.
  • Status of SESAR interface development?


  • Discussion about syntax:
    • DOI syntax: http://www.doi.org/doi_handbook/2_Numbering.html
    • http://dokuwiki.gfz-potsdam.de/datawiki/doku.php?id=igsn:organisation_and_governance
    • Decided to go ahead with the suggested best practice and the possibility to deviate, but need procedure to do so.
  • New Members procedure
    • Likely that there will be questions about joining while at IGC. We had decided that they need to write a letter, and the group will decide together.
  • Metadata Clearinghouse
    • Discussion of whether this be mandatory or optional
    • To follow the DataCite model, for an IGSN to be assigned the core set of metadata must be deposited at a clearinghouse.
  • Metadata Schema
    • We should move ahead and if changes are needed in the future then there can be amendments.
    • Jens will release tomorrow.
    • S.Cox: Regarding the metadata scheme: I can see how it maps into other data models that I’m familiar with (e.g. ISO 19156:2011 Specimen model) so I am comfortable.
    • S.Cox: Would be good to see a SPARQL end-point interface onto the metadata catalogue


  • Document the recommended practice for the syntax, and the procedure to deviate (KL and JK)
  • Document the proposed namespace management / allocation (KL and JK)
  • Brochure feedback by July 20th (everyone)
  • Namespace assignment must be discussed at the next call.
  • Next call middle of September, set up Doodle poll (LH). Here: http://www.doodle.com/9yzni447nnwsmhzi