IGSN Technical Documentation of the International Geo Sample Number

2012-09-17 Telecon

IGSN e.V. Telecon September 17, 2012

10:00am EDT, GoToMeeting https://www3.gotomeeting.com/join/754765654

Present: Anders Noren, Anthony Koppers, Cathy Constable, Jens Klump, Kerstin Lehnert, Lee Allison, Sky Bristol, Simon Cox, Leslie Hsu (notes)


  • Review Action Items from Last time [[11 July 2012, Wednesday, Telecon]]
    • Notes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1B-Ls5KzdnPZ3kbLyKxt8fjIxGd-ofoJFi_vi31DHgsI/edit
  • Review events since last call
    • IGC Brisbane
    • Brochure: most edits incorporated, latest version at [[igsn:promotional_material]]
  • Find a date for the IGSN General Assembly at AGU (suggested breakfast meeting)
  • Membership of for-profit organizations
  • Namespace assignment (identified at the last call)
    • Literature about Governance in Namespaces, Bechtold 2003, Available from: http://digitalcommons.lmu.edu/llr/vol36/iss3/6


  • Report back from IGC Brisbane
    • GNS (New Zealand Survey) would like to become a member of IGSN e.V but they are for-profit
    • Kerstin spoke with Nick Mortimer from GNS
    • CGI IUGS - we should tell them how they can best support the IGSN
      • CGI = Commission for the Management and Application of Geoscience Information, a Commission of IUGS www.iugs.org
      • Check to see the parallels between IUGS and IUGG: the relationship between if CGI and IAGA (?)
      • Does IUGG have a similar sub-section? (Peter Fox (?) is the person to follow up on that.)
  • AGU 2012
    • General Assembly: Proposed a breakfast meeting(7am PST) (did not choose the day yet due to peoples’ meetings not yet set)
    • Simon Cox won’t be at AGU but would be happy to dial in
    • Other activities:
      • There are several sessions merged that are about Unique Identifiers, etc.
      • General Assembly is for current members, do we need a more open meeting? (possibly the last half hour of the breakfast meeting?)
  • Group Discussion of the Google Doc with Recommended practices
    • Jens presented the “Recommended Practice for the IGSN Syntax”
    • Simon Cox brings up a discussion from July, in an email thread called “PID Structure” - how to formalize the IGSN syntax (an example of the language used to formalize “Three plus at least six and be careful about other symbols used.” (this text is now at the bottom of the google doc)
      • Simon can review in light of URI rules
      • Someone needs to review to make sure we are not excluding something with a significant legacy (Sky, Lee will look at State geological surveys)
      • As a general survey, with a time limit, for users of SESAR
      • Also may be useful to survey marine curators
      • Possibly set up a conference call for feedback (Jens to convene)
    • Use in Literature
      • Discussed use in tables, where if the heading is “IGSN” then the preceding “igsn:” is not necessary
    • Namespace Allocation
      • A way to limit the allocation of namespaces to individual users: Tell them they can choose a four digit prefix with these two initial digits
      • Simon: What is the role of the Allocating Agent in assigning namespaces?
      • Review Jens’ presentation about hierarchical namespaces (linked from the June call minutes)
      • How many namespaces will each Allocating Agent be assigned?
      • In summary there is still a lot of discussion and the way to move forward is to create written proposals to be reviewed at the next call (see Action Items)
  • For-Profit organizations
    • JK will get more information, but it seems like just voting on each membership, whether non-profit or for-profit, will be adequate.
  • Other
    • Lee Allison: I’m planning on attending the Energistics-run National Data Repository meeting in Kuala Lumpur in late Oct and ‘market’ IGSN to the 30+ countries participating.
    • IGSN e.V. is officially registered. Will apply for tax-exemption.


  • LH: Send brochures to Lee Allison for late Oct Meeting
  • KL: Check if IUGG has a similar subgroup as CGI of IUGS (http://www.cgi-iugs.org)
  • Produce proposal for “Recommended Practice for the IGSN Syntax”, with a period of feedback (from e.g. current SESAR users)
    • All: (Oct. 20) Come up with more use cases from our current community
    • JK (Oct. 20): Review Simon’s text (Simon Cox, Anthony Koppers, Jens Klump (lead), Sky Bristol) and produce a more formal document on it -> [[igsn:syntax]]
  • Proposals for Namespace (KL) -> [[igsn:namespaces]]
  • Next meeting: after GSA (tentatively Thursday Nov 8) LH set up Doodle Poll from 8-16.