IGSN Technical Documentation of the International Geo Sample Number

2012-11-08 IGSN Telecon

IGSN e.V. Telecon November 08, 2012

10:00am EST, GoToMeeting https://www3.gotomeeting.com/join/654846206

Present: Anders Noren, Anthony Koppers, Cathy Constable, Dirk Fleischer, Jens Klump, Kerstin Lehnert, Michael Piasecki, Simon Cox, Leslie Hsu (notes)

Add notes to the live EtherPad: http://openetherpad.org/3aIifdgh5i


  • IGSN-IO progress report
  • IGSN e.V. General Assembly at AGU
  • IGSN syntax proposal
  • IGSN namespace governance proposal
  • IGSN for BGR Berlin/Hannover


  • Gen Assembly has been set for Monday Dec 3, 2012 at AGU (Simon Cox will call in)
  • Gen Assembly Misc item: New members. How to address potential new members at AGU
    • Need to have current list of potential new members
    • Invite observer from their institute to General Assembly
    • Have promotional material (update or enhance brochure)
    • Have formal procedure ready for them (written proposal)
  • Gen Assembly Misc item: Who else is interested in becoming an Allocating Agent?
  • JK: The current IGSNs are not registered with the handle service currently
  • CC: Question about current status, for the Treasurer’s Report at Gen Assembly
    • Geographical logistics, need two signatures at Potsdam (?)
    • JK is waiting for letter with KL’s signature, which was sent on 11/3/2012 by LH
    • Need to define when charges will start, and mechanism
  • Syntax proposal
    • http://dokuwiki.gfz-potsdam.de/datawiki/doku.php?id=igsn:syntax
    • MP: How is the namespace handled? (That is in a separate document/proposal) http://dokuwiki.gfz-potsdam.de/datawiki/doku.php?id=igsn:namespaces
    • KL: Who will ensure that the 6-digit code is unique, the Allocating Agent or the user? JK: The Allocating Agent is responsible.
    • How many allocating agents are there expected? JK: Differentiate between clearinghouse/SESAR and the allocating agents
    • AK: but then the clearinghouse/SESAR will need to take in other syntax that are not the strict syntax of the current SESAR
    • KL: SESAR will be split into IEDA as allocating agent and SESAR as the global metadata clearinghouse (higher level service). This should be discussed at the General Assembly. The current SESAR is not the global metadata clearinhouse.
    • AK: are namespaces in a 1:1 relationship with an allocating agent? e.g. KOP is with SESAR, in the future can a different allocating agent assign KOP? KL: the different allocating agents have different rules for syntax, so this is an interesting case/question.
    • MP: will there be a downloadable package to mimic SESAR? or will new registries need to be coded up independently?
    • KL: There are many technical questions that need to be resolved that are difficult to resolve over telecon. Perhaps there should be a dedicated meeting in person for a core group to work on the technical questions.
    • DK: If I want to increase the number of digits in the code, how is this implemented? Can I keep adding digits as needed? AK: can be flexible but it is determined by the Allocating Agent.
    • KL: do we need to keep track of what each Allocating Agent sets as the rules JK: yes, we can do that. That is a useful service to the user. KL: as part of becoming an Allocating Agent, they must report the rules to IGSN e.V. AK: there can be a list of rules on a page and the user can go review them
  • Namespace proposal : http://dokuwiki.gfz-potsdam.de/datawiki/doku.php?id=igsn:namespaces
    • On the current page, “Assigning Agent” = “Allocating Agent”
    • MP: Is the subnamespace embedded into the n-digit long string? Or in the three digit namespace? SC: different allocating agents will use different patterns, but all will have three character codes that are unique across the whole thing
    • KL: do we set a limit of how many namespaces an allocating agent can request? JK: this is where subnamespaces come in.
    • AK: we could advocate that individual users register as a subnamespace associated with a university namespace
    • DF: question about the distinction between the namespace and the n-digit code (when n is variable) JK: the analogous example of telephone codes is relevant
    • KL: there are implications for text-mining from Elsevier, etc.
    • KL: next step is to set up the system that can deal with the namespace requests from different Allocating Agents. JK: this is more or less in place with our metadata store. Administrative workflow is not yet implemented. JK will send around proposal with current system.
  • AK: would be nice to have a wire diagram that explains the process (KL: there was a previous version of something created by Celine Chan - this could be updated)
  • IGSN for BGR Berlin/Hannover
    • agree on namespace for BGR over email, then start assigning IGSNs


  • Circulate list of curent and potential new members to IGSN e.V. (LH, KL) : http://goo.gl/tfOkk
  • Update the current brochure before AGU (ask for feedback) (LH)
    • http://dokuwiki.gfz-potsdam.de/datawiki/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=igsn:igsn_brochure_v11.pdf
  • Start defining Allocating Agent procedures
    • action 1?
  • Register current IGSNs with the existing handle service - begin process (KL, Lulin Song) (11/15, has been assigned)
  • Start planning an in-person meeting
    • Discuss this at the General Assembly
    • Possibly another hour could be set up at AGU (not the actual workshop)
  • JK will create and disseminate a proposal for the administrative workflow for the namespace allocation

Proposed Agenda for IGSN e.V. General Assembly, Dec 3, 2012, Monday, 7am

  • Opening and Welcome
  • Appointment of the meeting chairperson
  • Appointment of the minute taker
  • Establishment of the quorum
  • Approval of the agenda
  • Report by the members of the executive board and discussion
  • Budget proposal for 2013 and discussion
  • Appointment of the electoral officer
  • Election of the members of the executive board
  • Election of the annual accounts auditor
  • Miscellaneous
    • New members: invite someone from the institution to be an observer
      • e.g. GNS New Zealand
    • Allocating Agents
    • Discuss In-person meeting for Technical Workshop