IGSN Technical Documentation of the International Geo Sample Number

2012-12-03 General Assembly

IGSN e.V General Assembly 2012

03 December 2012, 7-8a Marriott Foothill F, San Francisco

Present: Jens Klump, Kerstin Lehnert, Anders Noren, Cathy Constable, Anthony Koppers, Lesley Wyborn, Barbara Ransom, Lulin Song, Michael Piasecki, Dirk Fleischer, Lee Allison, Leslie Hsu


  • Opening and Welcome
  • Appointment of the meeting chairperson
  • Appointment of the minute taker
  • Establishment of the quorum
  • Approval of the agenda
  • Report by the members of the executive board and discussion
    • Events
    • Progress of IGSN e.V. Registration
    • National Data Repositories Discussion (L. Allison provided link to presentations: http://www.energistics.org/calendar/2012/10/21/ndr11 )
    • New applications for IGSN
  • Budget proposal for 2013 and discussion
  • Appointment of the electoral officer
  • Election of the members of the executive board
  • Election of the annual accounts auditor
  • Miscellaneous
    • Discussion of Associate Members
    • Definition of and Procedure for establishing Allocating Agents
  • Resolutions
  • Actions
  • Informal Discussion


The official notes are attached here as a separate document.

Action Items

  • Work towards developing the standard for IGSN that technical developers can use, establish IGSN as a geoscience standard. (more discussion in next telecon)
  • In the next telecon, include discussion on how to include Affilliate/Associate members.
  • Document the duties and guidelines of the Allocating Agent, with literature references. (Establish a small working group and then present the results at a telecon. An in person meeting is possible in February in Washington D.C.).
  • Jens Klump will ask DataCite how they deal with the journal publishers as members.


  • All agreed that there should be a staggered rotation in the executive board.