IGSN Technical Documentation of the International Geo Sample Number

2013-02-14 Telecon

IGSN e.V. Telecon February 14, 2013

10:00am EST, GoToMeeting : https://www3.gotomeeting.com/join/202532398

Present: Kerstin Lehnert, Lee Allison, Anders Noren, Jens Klump, Cathy Constable, Leslie Hsu

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  • Update on Action items since last meeting. Link to last meeting: http://dokuwiki.gfz-potsdam.de/datawiki/doku.php?id=igsn:03_december_2012_monday_general_assembly
    • Developing IGSN as a standard
      • This is the email thread that LH could find on the topic: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sqX2NuYHHwuqY7t_QuGWr3H_LAdRW9Rfuot_981YILQ/edit
    • How to include Affiliate/Associate members
    • Document duties and guidelines of Allocating Agents
    • How does DataCite deal with Publishers (for-profit) as a member?
  • New potential members to IGSN e.V.
  • Misc
    • Note user message: they have a small field area, use Northing/Eastings, don’t want to convert to decimal lat/lon because they use the Northing/Easting. Ideas on how to motivate them or make it easier for them to convert? [Or the more relevant question is - should we have a small working group to address these questions as they come in?]


  • KL attended a meeting with someone from Florida State U that is running one of the research consortia funded by BP (post-oil spill research). He is interested in registering samples from his program. Shawn Smith (Deep-C)
  • Developing IGSN as a standard: The process has been started with OGC, nobody from that group is on the call now but we will try to get an update from them soon.
  • JK will be in Perth for a few weeks in April/May, main object of stay is to implement IGSN at CSIRO, also will work on the standards question.
  • How to include Affiliate/Associate members: no update at the moment
  • Duties and guidelines of Allocating Agents: use the Washington D.C. meeting (Feb 21-22) as a time (Wed.) to sit down and draft initial guidelines then send out to the entire group. Cathy would like to be part of the discussion, she is there from M-W afternoon.
  • For-profit members and DataCite: Although Microsoft is for-profit, they do not have any influence on day-to-day business, so it does not seem like a problem. They don’t have any full members that are for-profit. IF we get a serious proposal from a for-profit geological survey, we should consider revising the statues.
  • Seems like we could invite Elsevier as an Associate member (if all members agree, there is no problem. If all members do not agree, then we will discuss.)
  • New potential members: JK had sent an email about MARUM, Jens will forward the membership letter to the committee members. We need to decide on the membership with an online membership vote, or postpone until December. We decided waiting until December is too long of a wait.
  • New members: KL says that RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) and JAMSTEC are other possibilities. JAMSTEC will probably have a lot of bureaucracy to go through.
  • AN: what is RPI interest? KL: they are running Deep Carbon Observatory, they want to provide the sample registration service for the DCO. They are providing unique IDs for everything (people, sensors, datasets) and we don’t want them to duplicate sample IDs.
  • KL: Research Data Alliance: they have a working group on persistent unique identifiers. They have discussion sites where comments are encouraged. They will be at the IEDA Policy Committee Meeting next week.
  • Lee Allison: Stuart Robinson from National Data Repositories (NDR): Policies and Practices. Lee brought up IGSN at recent meeting.
  • AN: Is there much interest after these EarthCube workshops? KL: yes, esp. at the Paleogeoscience one. Thinking of offering a webinar with more information about IGSN and send out to mailing list of workshops that has already happened.
  • KL: we should try to think of a working group so that when there are questions about metadata and vocabulary, it is not decided here in a vaccuum. AN agrees.
  • Discussed the recent user comment of keeping northings and eastings as opposed to the lat/lon. Put northing/easting in the comments.
  • Next call: Target week of April 15 since there are many issues happening.


  • Meeting about Duties and Guidelines of Allocating Agents - Feb. 20th Wednesday AM (KL, JK, CC) Send a message to everyone first to solicit opinions and then start summarizing that and let people know they can call in for the discussion. (send out something about that to the members list, send the draft after the meeting)
  • Next phone call: discuss and vote on MARUM application
  • Create a webinar about IGSN/membership and send around to EarthCube mailing lists
  • Discuss a few working groups on metadata profile, vocabularies, look for volunteers