IGSN Technical Documentation of the International Geo Sample Number

2013-06-17 General Assembly


  • Opening and Welcome
  • Appointment of the meeting chairperson
  • Appointment of the minute taker
  • Establishment of the quorum
  • Approval of the agenda
  • Report by the members of the executive board and discussion
    • Applications for IGSN e.V. [[igsn:statutes#membership membership]]
    • New [[igsn:revision2013 draft statutes]] ([[igsn:statutes2011 statutes of 2011]])
      • New Translation, English version: (German version sent in by email 6/13/2013)
  • Resolutions and Actions
  • Miscellaneous

End of General Assembly

  • Informal Discussion


Kerstin Lehnert; Jens Klump; Anthony Koppers; Lesley Wyborn; Leslie Hsu; Simon Cox


  • 10:05a Kerstin opened the meeting with six people (three members, two observers, manager) in attendance
  • Kerstin appointed Jens K. as the chairperson
  • Kerstin appointed Leslie H. as the minute taker
  • Jens announced the quorum, after reviewing the statutes for the calling of Extraordinary General Assemblies and confirming with the present members.
  • Jens asked if there were any amendments to the proposed agenda and Kerstin proposed an addition to Item 6: Review of paragraph 4.2 of the statutes under Membership, “Members should be working actively with data centers for the purpose of registering IGSNs.”
  • Applications for IGSN e.V. membership: Jens summarized that we received an application for membership from MARUM
    • The group confirmed that MARUM will set up its own registration service. Their main client is the core repository, ODP/IODP/DSDP cores from the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Arctic oceans.
    • The confirmation of MARUM was confirmed with an oral vote online.
    • Simon and Lesley gave brief updates on the application progress of their institutions (CSIRO and Geoscience Australia) - having now seen the precedent of the MARUM application, they are ready to proceed.
    • Kerstin brought up the wording “active participation” in the statues - if a member fails to attend three General Assemblies in a row, they shall be removed from the list of members. This should be checked on periodically, with emphasis on attendance at the December meetings.
  • Review of the new draft statutes (sent by email and attached above in the agenda)
    • Jens reviewed the recent changes, shown in the “track changes” .pdf linked above
    • Other changes: 2.2.1 removed the duplicate “providing”
    • 2.3 The redundant English is a result of translation from German, Jens marked it as “to be edited”
    • 4.1 Makes it clear to whom membership is open.
    • 4.2 Simon proposed deletion as it did not add any information. Anthony K. officially proposed to remove 4.2.
    • 19.4 a modification for tax law purposes
    • Jens summarized that all present members agreed on all changes during the call.
    • Signatures from all members are required for the changes
      • The minutes may be signed separately, digitally, and then combined.
      • Cover letter requires real signatures (send the actual letter around in a set order)
  • Actions and Resolutions
    • MARUM’s application for membership has been approved; They shall be notified.
    • Minor changes were made to the statutes, after review and discussion. All members must sign to change the statutes
    • Action: Cover letter for the new statutes must signed on the hardcopy (make an order for signatures and note addresses)
    • Action: Email to all members that the new statutes were approved
  • Micellaneous
    • KL proposes that Monday, Dec. 9th, 7 AM PST be reserved for the IGSN General Assembly
    • Kerstin proposed that there is a Town Hall at AGU on samples again
    • Kerstin brings up the AGU booth, if split with two other groups, will be $800
      • Anthony K. supports having a booth at AGU
      • There is no disagreement about the booth and all express willingness to be at the booth
    • KL: The AGU session on Unique Identifiers was accepted
    • JK Attended a meeting recently and had interest from the Research Center Ulich (get correct spelling)
    • KL: Should contact the Japanese in order to expand the international nature of the IGSN e.V.
    • KL gave a brief update on Marine Curators Meeting
      • AK: the repositories could become Associate Members if interested (do not have to become allocating agents)
    • UK involvement could be pursued to make the association more international
    • KL: Last year we were in contact with IUGS, we should contact them again. The concern is to get new organizations in Europe and Asia. SC suggests that IUGS/OGC will not contribute to social traction in academia.
    • All members should suggest ways of promoting IGSN on an international basis.
  • Jens ended the General Assembly at 11:11 EDT.


  • Simon will be away for 2.5 weeks, but can trigger IGSN e.V. application now.


  • All participants must sign for their participation
  • Cover letter for the new statutes must signed on the hardcopy (make an order and note addresses)
  • Email to all members that the new statutes were approved
  • Notification of MARUM’s acceptance
  • Email about the next General Assembly in December, also an official invitation 3 months in advance.