IGSN Technical Documentation of the International Geo Sample Number

2013-10-28 Telecon

28 October 2013 Monday Telecon

Agenda items

  • Update on events since [[igsn:17_june_2013_monday_general_assembly_telecon last call]]
    • All participants must sign for their participation
    • Cover letter for the new statutes must signed on the hardcopy (make an order and note addresses)
    • Email to all members that the new statutes were approved
    • Notification of MARUM’s acceptance
    • Email about the next General Assembly in December, also an official invitation 3 months in advance
  • New mailing lists
    • New list group@igsn.org for working group discussions open to anyone
    • Old list members@igsn.org for any logistical information about General Assemblies, etc.
    • group@ will/should include all emails from members@
  • Items related to/in prep for AGU
    • There will be a Town Hall on Physical Samples in the Digital Age on Monday in the lunch slot, 12:30-1:30, TH12G. Physical Samples in the Digital age, http://fallmeeting.agu.org/2013/events/th12g-physical-samples-in-the-digital-age/
    • There is an AGU session on Unique Identifiers IN13B. Persistent Identifiers and Citation in Earth Science Information Infrastructure Posters. Monday, 1:40 PM - 6:00 PM; Hall A-C (Moscone South)
  • Reminder, AGU General Assembly set for Monday, December 9, 2013, 7a PST.
    • Proposed agenda:
      • Opening and Welcome
      • Appointment of the meeting chairperson
      • Appointment of the minute taker
      • Establishment of the quorum
      • Approval of the agenda
      • Report by the members of the executive board and discussion
      • Recent and Upcoming Events
      • New applications for IGSN
      • Budget proposal for 2014 and discussion
      • Miscellaneous
    • Confirmed so far (via Doodle)
      • Lesley Wyborn, Dirk Fleischer, Anders Noren, Simon Cox, Jens Klump, Anthony Koppers, (Kerstin Lehnert, Leslie Hsu)
      • others?
  • Other
    • Proposed working groups from the past
      • IGSN metadata profile, vocabularies (proposed in the 14 Feb 2013 Telecon)

Notes from call

  • Present: Hans-Joachim W-A., Dirk F., Cathy Constable, Anders N., Lee Allison, Leslie Hsu (notes), Jens (a little later due to GoToMeeting issues)
  • Hans-Joachim Wallrabe-Adams gave an introduction to how MARUM plans to use the IGSN
    • IODP Repository, the European part: IGSN has already been used in a project in the Baltic Sea, it will be entered into the existing information system
    • MARUM core repository - for the Geoscience Department of Bremen: gravity cores and multicores
    • Question from CC: Any idea what the other branches of IODP plan to do? (U.S., etc.) Answer: Now we are moving to a change in the structure of IODP, the American, Japanese, and European branches are separate, so we don’t have more information about what the non-European parts of IODP plan.
  • IGSN e.V. General Assembly in December, Monday
    • MARUM cannot attend personally at the AGU meeting, but will attend by phone or internet
    • In addition to those listed above (Agenda section) Cathy will be there
  • Jens gave an update on the statutes
    • Small changes were viewed and approved by everyone, they will allow tax exempt status.
    • There is a trail of the past versions on the wiki, but viewers will be brought to the latest version
  • Dirk asked: Is there any progress or plans on holding a workshop for the technical implementation of IGSN?
    • We had a discussion about it and decided that a small webcall (maybe through GFZ’s Adobe Connect - which is more user friendly) should be held at least in the first quarter of 2014. It would be limited to those that we know want to implement IGSN infrastructure. We could invite people thinking of joining (e.g. UT Austin).
    • The webcast should be recorded so that it can be posted and viewed by others.
    • Invite Frank C. (sorry - LH lapse in note-taking)
  • Dirk asked if there was any progress on our discussions with the Smithsonian using the IGSN.
    • Leslie said she did not have a detailed answer on that and would check with Kerstin.
  • There were no other comments and the call was closed.

Action items

  • Set up IGSN Technical Implementation webinar
  • Send around members@ vs. group@ email lists and make sure people are on the correct list. (LH)