IGSN Technical Documentation of the International Geo Sample Number

2013-12-09 General Assembly


  • Opening and Welcome
  • Appointment of the meeting chairperson
  • Appointment of the minute taker
  • Establishment of the quorum
  • Approval of the agenda
  • Report by the members of the executive board and discussion
    • Review change in statutes: [[igsn:revision2013 draft statutes]] ([[igsn:statutes2011 statutes of 2011]])
      • New Translation, English version: (German version sent in by email 6/13/2013)
    • New Applications for IGSN e.V. [[igsn:statutes#membership membership]]
      • RPI:
      • CSIRO:
      • WHOI:
    • Recent and Upcoming Events
      • Townhall on Physical Samples
      • EGU deadline middle January
      • Webinar on IGSN for Mineral Physical community (recent interaction at an EarthCube workshop)
    • Budget proposal for 2014: update on plan - Potsdam Feb 2014
  • Discussion Topics
    • Membership of Agencies and Affiliates
    • Increasing International Participation
    • Endorsement from Standards Organizations
    • Biological Community
    • NASA involvement
  • Miscellaneous


  • Please see the PDF link: