IGSN Technical Documentation of the International Geo Sample Number

2017-06-02 Technical Meeting

Technical Workshop Canberra - 02 June 2017


  • Jens Klump (CSIRO)
  • Kerstin Lehnert (IEDA)
  • Markus Stocker (MARUM)
  • Pavel Golodoniuc (CSIRO)
  • Irina Bastrakova (GA)
  • Wim Hugo (SAEON)
  • Natasha Simons (ANDS)

Apologies: Bob Arko (IEDA)

Proposed Agenda

  • Release of IGSN Descriptive Metadata Schema
  • IGSN Communication Strategy
  • IGSN Paper
  • Documentation of use cases
  • Websites of Institution of allocating agents
  • Websites of Projects and Subprojects
  • Wikipedia: Articles of projects, institutions and people.
  • IGSN Technology Roadmap
  • IGSN verification service
  • Pingback mechanism
  • IGSN roles (ownership of metadata, analogous to DNS administration)
  • Error 404 pages
  • SSL certificate for IGSN redirect

Updated Agenda

  • Releasing the schema (x)
  • Scoping the validation service (x)
  • Recommended PID for related objects, ORCID (x)
  • Cross-linking issues, SCHOLIX, knowledge network (x)
  • OAI-PMH interface and other commitments (x)
  • Website, Agent Websites, use cases documentation (x)
  • Outline of IGSN paper (x)
  • Workshop or activity with DSA/WDS (x)

Schema release

Release schema. Next iteration: review repository information (trusted, access, …)

Trustworthiness of allocators (DSA/WDS)

What are the quality criteria for IGSN metadata? (Five Star Metadata)

IGSN.org Website

Upgrade of website. Send email to members describing the upgrade and give two weeks notice to object. Agents Websites Supply users with information about how to register IGSN. Identify and describe use cases. This should be a funded research project. Update contacts. Discuss roles in IGSN in analogy to DNS roles. Registration of individual samples should include feedback to user about the quality attributes of the entered metadata.

IGSN Roadmap Project

Registry of sample repositories. Certification of trustworthiness. Roles and responsibilities, governance and maintenance. Services, APIs, upgrade to new DataCite infrastructure components and technological alignment. DataCite as the technology platform? Discuss at RDA Montreal. Cross-linking to other resources by PID and LOD. Consider adding: block of work with publishers - integrate IGSN with manuscript submission systems; validation process; how to cite and link IGSNs in papers

ORCID, organisations (TBD), various DOIs, FundRef. SCHOLIX must clarify encoding of relationships between authors, publications, data, samples.

Scope of the Validation Service

Use case: check on the existence of identifiers Target Audience: Publishers and Editors Solution: Web form

Use case: bulk checking of IGSN registration and metadata completeness (overview representation) Target Audience: IGSN Agents, Publishers, Repositories

Use case: check resolution of existing IGSN and check metadata. Target: IGSN e.V. Registry and Agents

IGSN Paper

  • Rationale
  • Global perspective
  • Governance model
  • Based on existing technology and community
  • Contrast to Groom et al. (2017) Nature: http://doi.org/10.1038/546033d
  • Status (history and operational status, examples of implementations)
  • Identify and link functionality/purpose of IGSN
  • Examples for use of IGSN in the literature
  • Future outlook

Action Items

  • Pursue a side meeting with DataCite at RDA P10 - Kerstin
  • Send email to members about website - Kerstin
  • Release schema - Jens
  • Start next iteration of schema
  • Contact members about contacts, web presence, services offered.
  • Build developer community around IGSN, best practice documentations, reference implementation. Use GitHub site.
  • Review accepted PID for related objects. Compile list and put up for vote. (Bob Arko)
  • Develop criteria for 5 Star Metadata.
  • Fix SSL certificate for ORCID integration (see https://trello.com/c/dvfRZbSA/3672-add-igsn-identifier) (Bob)